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Our Mission

To collaborate with healthcare organizations in order to reduce patient/visitor generated workplace violence and establish a national standard for workplace violence programs

Who Are We

What We Do

By assisting organizations with gap analysis, training, data collection and program evaluation, our team of experts help increase staff retention and patient satisfaction.

Our Competitive Advantage

We leverage the training of military veterans and experienced healthcare clinicians to customize a plan that will support your workplace violence program and maintain regulatory compliance. We are the only one-stop solution to clinical, security and executive team workforce training that provides instruction at operational tempo, assists with real time data collection and provides expert recommendations for innovative security solutions that integrate with your current technology.

Customizable Program Components

  • De-escalation, situational awareness and complaint resolution training

  • Critical Incident Response Training and Drill Assistance -(Active shooter, bomb threats, etc.)

  • Violence Rapid Response Team Formation and Training

  • Workplace Violence Committee Support

  • Policy and Procedure Writing

  • Security Walk-Through and technology recommendations

  • Protective Product and EAP/ Debriefing Support for Frontline Staff

  • Incident Reporting Assistance and Recommendations

Financing Requirements

Early adopter pilot pricing is available to qualifying facilities until July 1.


To find out if your facility meets the requirements please contact a member of our Tactical Healthcare Team today!Questions? Comments? Interested in supporting our program?



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