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Founder - CEO

Mel is a Registered Nurse and believes that now more than ever, bedside nurses, healthcare administrators, and security professionals need her support.  She thrives on developing innovative solutions to some of healthcare's most complex problems.

She is available for consulting, speaking or just to chat.

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Why Choose Mel Cortez for your next event?

Looking for a dynamic speaker who not only educates but entertains? Meet Mel Cortez, your guide to unlocking the secrets of workplace violence reduction, staff retention and recruitment, and supercharging your healthcare brand.

Positive Vibes, Powerful Impact

Mel brings positivity to every presentation, creating an uplifting atmosphere that resonates with students, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs alike.

Staff Retention and Recruitment Guru

Discover the keys to retaining top talent and attracting the best in the industry. Mel's proven methods will transform your workforce dynamics.

Workplace Violence Reduction Expert

Navigate the complexities of workplace safety with Mel's insights. Learn practical strategies to reduce violence and create a secure environment for your team.

Marketing and Branding Maven

Elevate your healthcare brand with Mel's marketing and branding expertise. Craft a compelling narrative that speaks to your audience and sets you apart in the market.

Mel is not just a speaker; she's an experience. Book her now for an unforgettable presentation that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

From the Desk of Mel Cortez

See the latest from this nurse innovator and violence reduction advocate

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The Rise of Workplace Violence: Addressing Healthcare’s Biggest Threat

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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