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Where military precision and healthcare expertise converge


Our mission is to collaborate with organizations to provide unparalleled protection and support to healthcare systems and educational institutions due to their overlapping security issues and workforce demographics

Our vision remains focused on readiness, situational awareness, and proactive measures, while striving to create safe and secure environments, empowering healthcare providers and educators to focus on their core mission of healing and educating our communities.

Led by Mel Cortez RN, BSN

Clinical Workplace Violence Nurse Advocate

Mel Cortez graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As a Critical Care Travel Nurse for over 10 years, she has been in many facilities across the country. In addition to Nursing Supervision roles in acute care, Mel has held various management positions within Home Health, Hospice, and Long-Term Care prior to returning to the bedside to serve as a Critical Care Traveler in the Northeast in March of 2020. 
After 2 pivotal years caring for patients in the Covid 19 Pandemic, she then chose to launch the Cortex Brand, a solution-based business. Cortex’s latest project, Cortex Gold has a primary focus on creating a Gold Standard for Healthcare Security while reducing the rising violence at the bedside through tactical, practical innovations in the realms of product, training and research. She is a content expert in regards to Healthcare Workforce Satisfaction and Retention, Workplace Violence Reduction and the implementation of systems-wide training programs that are both cost-effective and delivered efficiently during operational tempo,
Mel holds licensure in North Carolina and Texas and is a member of the TNA, ANA and IAHSS (International Association of Healthcare Security).

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