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Workplace Violence Training That Works


Tactical Scrubs - LIVE!

Let us come to you! We will help you develop, deliver and evaluate Workplace Violence Policy-based training within operational tempo. Educators and clinicians will learn how to continue to care while tactfully mitigating the escalation of challenging behaviors often found in your industry.

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Outsource Advanced Programs

Are you looking for security training for your own department or contracted staff? We are now enrolling for our Tactical Training Center's weekend and multi-week extended classes. 

Brought to you by Paratus Investigations - Level IV and More!

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Tactical Scrubs - Audio Experience 

Tailored to your Frontline staff, our Tactical Scrubs brand is designed to engage your staff through a modern approach. Our audio content is hosted by Spotify and is built to be delivered anytime, anywhere for your staff to engage, learn and grow in their professional careers. 

You can offer them exclusive content, run apparel incentives and leverage our brand to bolster your workforce. 


Prevention is Retention! 

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Nursing Student Training Program

Our comprehensive training program is the solution. It provides nursing educators and students with the tools needed to recognize, prevent, and address workplace violence, ensuring the safety and resilience of the next generation of nurses.

 Become part of the movement to make the nursing profession safer, more resilient, and better equipped to handle workplace violence. Order your course seats today and ensure your students have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive at the bedside.


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