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Clinical Workplace Violence Training & Research


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 Establishing a standard for healthcare security through the use of innovative technology, practical training and progressive research. 

Learn more about our Founder and CEO - Mel Cortez

Our Expert TACTBook Collaborators

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Welcome to a groundbreaking initiative led by a consortium of the world's foremost experts in healthcare, security, and caregiving. We are proud to present the collective wisdom of these luminaries as they unite to create the inaugural global textbook dedicated to safeguarding our selfless caregivers.


Tactical Healthcare Team

Security Solutions and Support brought to you by highly trained Veterans

Our veteran-led team is part of the non-profit project TACTBook. Our highly trained Tactical Reps are all Executive Protection professionals with advanced training specific to healthcare safety and school safety. They have advanced skills in weapons retainment, "CounterBalance  (De-escalation)", and Behavioral health response training. On the tactical side, they have up to Level IV Weapons Training and Arresting capabilities. They are experts in AI Innovation and Tech recommendations. We even have Community K9 capabilities! 

All of our Tactical Reps can help with solutions to staffing, technology, training, and research opportunities.

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Veteran - Led
Community Protection Program

From the partnership we developed between Micah Hoevelman, former CIA and large corporate security protection program developer, we bring you a solution to violence in our schools. 

America was founded on the idea that the people hold the power. Nurses and the Military have always innovated at the bedside together, now it's time to stop waiting for lengthy legislation efforts and complicated politics It's up to us to protect our children from losing access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Join us as we come together to protect our nation's most vulnerable assets, our kids. 

Millitary Soldier

About our
Community Response Model

When a local business, healthcare organization or other donor decides to hire a Weapons Prevention Team, we will recruit a team of transitioning service members from Active Duty Service to enter into our 4-week Training Program.

This elite training program provides advanced Executive Protection Skills and strong psychological evaluation and support.  We will prepare them to serve in our network of innovative healthcare or school systems.

There have been over 50 game shootings this year since September of 2023.

We are on a mission to make Friday Night lights safe again.

As a Texas-based company, we are dedicated to maintaining the safety of our kids under the magic of the lights.

Community Response Rental Program 

Local businesses and families may choose to pull together donations to cover the cost of Community K9 teams and Bleeding Response Training, Kits and Cabinets. We offer weapons detection systems and other security solutions.

Ask us about our seasonal rental options. 


Are you an organization looking to be the change?


Join us in a collaborative mission to re-secure our nation, one community at a time.  

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